I'm Tired Of Waiting For You,My Love

by Giegielove Goddess Poet   Oct 10, 2008

Waiting for the man of my dream
The greatest longing of mine
He don't know how i deeply scream.

Yesterday was gone
Today i'm waiting his final decision
Another day i wish and wish upon the star
To see him once again
But my wish is still undone.

He told me that he really love me
But i'm just laughing back
I didn't took his words seriously.

One day he said: my Love, whatever happens in the future
You will always the one in my heart and i assure.

He said other woman i can marry
But my love for you will stay.

I love you and no one can take over your place in me
Then a special woman in my life you must be.

If one day I decide to lose you
It's not the reason that i don't love you anymore
But i just want to let you know that i need a woman for more.

My age is calling me ,to settle down
To build a family and my own.

You know how long we are inlove?
20 years is enough to wait
So many nights and so many days
We spent together
Through calling and texting
But nothing is happened between us
I'm tired of waiting you my love.

You make me laugh
You make me sad
My heart cries a lot
A love without you is tough.

Waiting your presence to shine
Hoping our love to fullfill
But oh love everything is decline.

Cause you are so faraway
And i know our love can never be
So impossible to see you anyway
Now we it's time to go in our seperate way.

Farewell to our virtual love game
So stop it now
And don't wait for me
Cause it's always the same.

My last words for you,just be happy
And enjoy your life everday.
If you're feeling sad
Just remember me
I'm still here loving you baby!


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