by Ignoris   Oct 12, 2008

Poetry. By it, I am now angered
Words written on paper, transcribing emotion
But never quite stating
The exact notion

Honestly. I want something more
More than ink on paper
I want something bigger
Thicker than unseen vapor

Sadness. Pain is written down
Many, drawn to write this way
Does it simply feed
The situation, betray?

Happiness. Smiles plastered down
Few, drawn to write this way
Is it truly that hard
Are we really that gray?

Bigger. I want to do something bigger
I want people to see
Me. My thoughts
Released, and free

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  • 9 years ago

    by thehangman

    I agree. Poetry is nice but I too sometimes feel like it falls short of complete satisfaction. As if you can't quite get out everything you want to.