I'm Dizzy

by Ignoris   Oct 13, 2008

I don't feel well today.
Maybe it's from lack of food. Energy. Interaction.
Or maybe I just have something to say.
Something that I can't tell you in any way.
I don't feel well today.
I can't tell if I'm living a lie.
If all this poetry I've written here.
Are moments I petrify.
Oh god, how I could cry.
When I think about what to do next.
About tomorrow, and if I'll bother.
To read out my dialect.
Does this even make a damn difference?
Writing these words, telling you how I feel.
Nope. 'Cause right now I'm getting dizzy.
And no one's here to see me reel.
What can I take away from this?
Maybe a comment, maybe a rate.
But heck, you don't even know me.
So who are you to contemplate?

* I appreciate every rate and comment, the favor will most definitely be returned, take care


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