by Rozzy   Oct 19, 2008

I heard about you today
I hear you're doing alright
I wish I hadn't
Because now I know I wont sleep tonight

And If I do, I'll only wake out of breath
My hands, they will be shaking
I'll need a cigarette real bad
To stand again this pain of my heart breaking

It would be naive of me to believe you're really okay
No, I know you better than that
I do hope though, your days and nights are sober
And you wont be for long where you're at

You're still that mystery to me, and I to myself
A mystery to me
The feelings I still feel for you
Which hold memories that are no longer happy

I wonder if your mind ever wonders toward me
If you ever feel the way I feel about you now
I hope you don't, I wish I knew
If there was some way, any how

I would never desire to have never have known you
Because then I wouldn't understand, wouldn't have learned
Choice is a choice, a mistake is a mistake
To make them carefully and be cautious of being burned

There is only one I can't help but ask
To close my eyes and fall asleep
For me to breathe and not to shake
To be haunted by you no longer in my dreams


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