by Wilhelm   Jun 7, 2004

This town of ours keeps growing
But the scope of mind is small
The knives in backs are showing
The wolves wait for you to fall

You try to climb the ladder
Just to be pulled down
They say it doesn't matter
But they don't show a frown

It starts a gentle whisper
Right behind your back
Grows to full blown laughter
Your nerves begin to crack

Your mind is full of wonder
Of what is so amusing
Your doubts as loud as thunder
So you start accusing

They pass it off as nothing
They make it to be you
Now your mind is crushing
You don't know what to do

As the middle of the rumor
You begin to get some stares
Growing like a tumor
They grow to hateful glares

All is found inside my town
The name may ring a bell
So I beg you don't come down
To Sidney, more commonly known as Hell.

Not so great I know but one of my friends asked me to do a poem on our town. Our little backwater town is just so narrow minded with backwards thinking people who just do stupid crap like start rumors which really creates a stressful environment.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Nicole

    Hey... good job.

  • 14 years ago

    by Heather C

    Would that be Sidney, Ohio? I know what you mean about small towns. Sometimes people need to shut the hell up and worry about themselves rather than everybody else.