Dear Satan

by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop   Oct 29, 2008

I send this letter to you satan,
Let's make us a deal,
I'll sign bottom with my blood,
I'm gonna make it my will,

I'm tired of the suffering,
It's time for revenge,
It's to some cause chaos,
It's time to avenge,

Against a world that disowned me,
And cast me aside,
It's time to cause some damage,
On a scale that's worldwide,

Listen for a minute, Satan,
Hear out my plan,
Let me tell you my ambitions,
Who will die by my hand,

For all will see the their maker,
When I use my black arts,
But the first to taste my wrath,
Are the breakers of my heart,

I shall rip their chest open,
And drink up their blood,
Watch their eyes roll back,
As I drop them in the mud,

Then purify the hypocrites,
Of all their lies,
Rip out their intestines,
As I look them in the eyes,

For all will taste the wrath,
Of this lost, broken soul,
Don't limit me to this world,
You know I want more,

For God never liked me,
I was just his play toy,
So you should like this little part,
Of heavens gates I'll destroy,

I shall taste the flesh of fallen angels,
Of those in my path,
Crashing down the gates of heaven,
Watch it burn from my wrath,

I'll be your servant faithfully,
With the mark of the beast,
Just grant me the ability,
To taste of this feast,

For none will live before me,
They all deserve to die,
Of living a life of solitude,
That was happiness denied.

After God lays dead before me,
You can put me dead in the ground,
That is my deadly plan,
Satan, how does that sound?

If you will grant me the ability,
To fill out this task,
Then I'll burn in hell forever,
And do all that you ask.


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by yogi73

    Nice flow, reads nicely. Definately a creepy proposal. well done

  • 7 years ago

    by Aurora Dubnyk

    I really liked this one! It shows how we would do anything to show a person our emotions even if it is negative emotions. i like how you describe it has selling your soul for power. i like it a lot!

  • 8 years ago

    by Ares

    You were right, it definitly very powerful and packed with lots of emotion. Still I find this kind of vulerability to it which is quite freeing when reading this sorts of poems. It's very hard to do and often it's subliminalt in that you're so obsessed with spilling out all this anger and all this hatred, yet adding this pinch of something vulnerable.

    Remarkable job.


  • 9 years ago

    by bekka dollface

    Omg babe...
    i like it tho...

  • 9 years ago

    by iloveHIMonly

    Oh my gosh. That was intense. I could feel the rage and emotion you were feeling when you wrote this. Definitely understood the things you were feeling while going through this. Wow. Incredible. 5/5