by Poet on the Piano   Nov 30, 2008

NOTICE: For a greater setting, listen to Carter Burwell's "Bella's Lullaby" while reading this poem. I didn't base it on Twilight, even though it sounds like it, but I love Bella's Lullaby and I think it fits perfectly here...Thanks...

In front of him lies a grand piano, in perfect shape,
Anxiously waiting for its music to fill the empty room.
Yet it remains inaudible, never being heard,
As silent as the precious earth standing still.

Then without having any second thoughts,
He gracefully pulls out the bench and sits down.
Placing his hands gently over the smooth keys,
A sensational lullaby starts to sound.

The melody harmonizes with the low bass,
Creating a composition so flawless in beauty.
His outstretched fingers swiftly moving across,
Never halting for a break, never resting.

As I enter the dim-lighted room for the first time,
His music plays out loud and reaches to my soul.
My heart is moved deeply as I stare blankly,
Astonished that such musical perfection existed.

Holding my breath, I ever so carefully walk on,
Hoping not to disturb or startle him at any costs.
He suddenly turns his head, lips turning upward,
Inviting me to come and bask in the glory of it all.

No words need be spoken, nor actions be made,
For hearing this melody left me breathlessly speechless.
I lean against him so content, smiling brightly,
As our two joined heartbeats tap in tune together.

Time seemed to pass slowly, knowing to go steadily,
Dreams soon transformed into memories of heaven.
It was growing darker, but his shining eyes never faded,
As his luxurious lullaby echoed on through our hearts.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Rae Rae

    Wow, this poem is very good. You have a very nice flow, your words are smooth and meaningful. I can honestly say this poem touched my heart; It is sheerly inspiring. I never saw your "notice" at the top until after i had read the poem but it just happened that I was actually listening to Bella's lullaby while reading this, and was just about to recommend you listen to it, while reading. But it appears you have already recommended it above the poem :)

    Keep writing! I look forward to more of your work.

  • 9 years ago

    by Faithless

    Wow this poem is so romantic.I like the idea of you creating the poem scene by scene then u came into the scene, I think that is really pretty.I think the words that you've choose really brings the poetry to life.

    Excellent Job
    5/5 from me

  • 9 years ago

    by Kaila

    First off let me just say I love this movie, book, and most importantly this song!
    Anyways on with your poem.
    The first stanza was good but to me I felt like there could have been more emotion to pull the reader in and keep them wanting more.
    The second stanza is good but to improve maybe look up some synonyms for some of the bland words.
    The third stanza was flawless it created a picture and if the reader listens to the song they can relate.
    The fourth stanza's words were kind of cliche but the idea was good so maybe use the synonym thing there too.
    The fifth stanza also amazing and bery touching you created an emotion that everyone can relate to and it's crisp and strong.
    The sixth and seventh stanzas were like clear pictures in my head your vocabulary/word choice did wonders
    nice poem

  • 9 years ago

    by Brandon Lee

    I thought it had a great ending, very beautiful work. now i will have to listen to bellas lullaby.

  • 9 years ago

    by isabel

    I liked the title... It fits with the poem in an intersting way...
    I'll try to go through each stanza... hope not to be repetitive...

    1st: The imagery is very good... The wording is wonderful, as well... I really liked the comparison on the last stanza... It seemed like you were talking about precious stones... :)
    Intersting, that you suggest listening to Bella's Lullaby... It fits very nicely with the poem... also, because there is a scene in Twilight where Edward stands before the piano... Although you didn't base it on Twilight, it can be compared...

    2nd: very good use of adjectives... it helps a lot with the image of the stanza... not much found of the word "sensational"... yet, i think it's only in terms of personal taste...

    3rd: didn't know you could have "low bass" in a piano...
    I like how you seem to unintentionally compare the musician to the melody... It's really wonderful... The flow of the poem seems flawless...

    4th: Again... A lot of adjectivation... :) although too many adjectives might mess up the poem, here they seem to go with the flow... :)
    The emotions in the poem leave me breathless...
    I am also "astonished"... :) that your imagery is so great =)

    5th: "he suddenly turns his head"... - well, in this stanza, the action is everything but sudden... it flows like a soft melody, through the air... :) the word "glory" reminded me of something angelical... like you are listening to the play of an angel...

    6th: this stanza is fantastic... the harmony of both your hearts is a beautiful imagery... now, I am speechless ;)

    7th: the "darker" seems to be an indication of the end of the poem... like the closing of the curtains in a theater play... the "memories of heaven" seem also to have a relation with the "glory" of the 5th stanza...
    I understand now what you meant by calling the poem "Echoes"

    The poem seems to be written by a person with a great depth of soul =)) your descriptions are the ones of a person who carries a good deal of romantism in the heart...
    Your imagery takes me to the scene, like if I had been really there... It feels like I can listen to the music (also without "Bella's Lullaby" on the background...)
    Although your poem doesn't have many echoing, it is still echoing through me... That means, the title was really well chosen...

    Altogether a 5/5