Cant make Me cry

by hehasmyheart   Nov 30, 2008

A love so pure I thought was true I've realized now, all the pain you put Me through.
I shouldn't have stayed
I shouldve said goodbye
I fell so hard in love w you
You broke Me heart and made Me cry.

I've never cried so much in my life b4, and yet I still love you
But you've beaten my heart right down to the core.

Baby I love you, you are my life
But you've tossed and twisted my heart w a knife.
I'll never 4 get your sweet words,
But your words gave Me pain.
I've cried so much, its driving Me insane.

I trusted every word you said and now falling in love w you I'm starting to dread.
Every word I believed right down to the touch of your kiss I'm done feeling deserted your touch is what I'll miss.

I gave my heart away it gets broken in the end, all I think bout is you, I just can't be your friend.
I want to be inlove again I guess I won't find my 4 ever more cuz you've broken my heart for the last time. My heart is sore.

I've cried so much to be w you,
But you've let Me down. I thought you'd never play w my heart baby I'm done w the heartache falling inlove w you was indeed my mistake.

So take one last look at Me.
One last kiss and goodbye.
I truely did love you, w all my heart.
But you just can't make Me cry!


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