by Blueleo   Dec 10, 2008

Deep below the normal facial stir
Emotions hide in a confused blur
Mind reasons to explain madness
Making patterns from randomness

Wondering how to judge thinking
To keep the madness from lurking
The norm seems so loosely defined
A process is not clearly designed

The thoughts stir in a slimy mess
Bearing humanity constant stress
Looking for a line drawn in sand
Drowned in a sea in hidden land

Water as far as eyes could see
No line is visible all would agree
Yet we yearn for a line to follow
Something to explain this sorrow

Thoughts lurk under the surface
Looking to prove this existence
Seeing lines where non appear
To defend our own hidden fear

Slowly the pattern does emerge
When in madness we diverge
Losing all the care we once had
Finding comfort in this new fad


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