Before i let you go...

by Emilie   Dec 10, 2008

Over the years i watched us change,
we went from a loving couple to a disturbed pair.
so I've decided its time to let you go..

but before i let you go.
i want you to know.
i will love you until i die.
even after everything i just can't lie.
you have always been the one i saw my future with.
and even though i said i hated you it was all a myth..
you have made my heart smile
and my days worth while
i want to thank you for all you've done for me
and now i just wish i could make you really see
if it takes my whole damn life i will make it up to you
after everything I've done to hurt you and make your heart blue
so before i let you go, i give you this to hold
forever and ever my heart to you was sold
i give you my life, my soul.
to make you happy was my only goal
i love you and i will until i die
my heart is yours this i promise is no lie.
so before i let you go
there is one thing you should know
i wish you the best
and i will never forget the rest
you were amazing to me
but now it shows we were never really meant to be
so now i let you go, goodbye my dearest friend
this is the end


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  • 9 years ago

    by Siglawoo

    Good poem dear....

    but the flow need a lil improvement... dont consider it a criticism but dragging out the true writer of you....

    good luck

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