My Choice not in the bit

by Braeden Monks   Jan 7, 2009

The screens are blank
the world is cold
the phone is silent
my soul is sold

i'd give it all once
i haven't felt alone in months
it feels like old times
and pages and pages of signs

I cant sleep or eat
i cant feel or be

Empty clouds of rain pass me by
my dark hope, reincarnated as the sky
leaves me wondering why

Now im back to the smoke filled empty home
i cant beathe but do i want to

questions for your questions
and lies for your lies
questions for your answers
and ties for the lies

Bring me a single thought or action
i hate having 8 emotions clog my brain
i hate losing the evening to rain

Kiss me again, hold me tight
Push me away lets just fight
hate me and hurt i wish you would
you mean the most, like you should

Ill take you back
ill give you away
ill dream every night
ill hope and stay


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