by Braeden Monks   Jan 23, 2009

A new set of friends. hopes and dreams
i cant be your back up plan
im not a scheme and this isnt mean
Im growing up, i want to be a new man

I want out of the usually routine
and im starting to lean
i need to answer my own questions
and here we are in the same situations

I hope it works whatever we can do
but i dunno if there is a "me and you"
and im sorry for feeling this way
but you cant eat and keep your cake

im leaving to go die
Dont be afraid
you can stop these shakes

I felt it give way
i felt it let me down
And im leaving back your bags
time for a new town

release me in the world
its letting go
i see a brand new world
one day we will both know

This is what we want and need
you expect me to want to breathe
and i cant expect you to want to see
but now its too far and deep

We'll never be the same and i cant play these games
we cant play these games and I'm not the same

You will never know how far i let you in.
i wish i could've told you years ago
your the one i want and love but you know
It's different now

And as we walk to the sun set tonight
i hope you know its gonna be a fight


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