How Love Could Love

by Ashes of a Black Rose aka Night Child   Jan 24, 2009

Hot July night under blankets of stars,
Sandwiched between like and lust,
Back to the earth and face to yours,
Your arms on either side of my shoulders,
There was no escape and no need.
I am indeed, my love, a lover.
How then could my love lie?

It was fall when I fell,
Stumbled quickly and rudely
Into love.
It was cool outside but not cold,
Wearing pants in the morn,
Tank tops by noon.
I was indeed, my love, in love with you.
How then, my love, could love lie?

And o, how my love could love!
Your temptatious touch was true,
Tell me, I would beg of you,
Tell me that you love me,
Again, again.
This is indeed, love, my love.
How then, love, could love lie?


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