My puppy

by Braeden Monks   Feb 5, 2009

My dog ran away,
He just wouldn't stay
But if i couldn't be mad
Cause if i could've, i would have

Now my house is silent again
For the first time since summers end
Back in the drivers seat, no way
Cause if i could've run, I'd run away

As i put away his toys
Left around to annoy
It sucks being alone now
Atleast he left the town

No more Dreams of the morrow
I'll stay right here
Rot away in my sorrow
Nothing to worry about, Nothing to fear

Sad ending to a sad Journey
Can't understadn why i had to be lonely
I don't know what kinda test this could be
But i hope its for the best. Someone has to find me

I need out fo your mind
Some will take days, or even more time
I want to breathe with out struggle
I want to feel, My thoughts i'll stumble


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