Declaration of Doom

by Iola   Feb 16, 2009

I am a broken river washed ashore
The heart I adored is now like dust
I have no clue what I am living for
The ebb of my flow will never trust

I am the dusty wind in deserts afar
The seed in my womb like mere sand
Alone I twirl around a bleeding scar
Singing songs in a creepy cold land

I am the branch that broke from a tree
Now lying between moss and grime
The leafs on my arms can no longer be
As futile as the bones in my spine

I am the bearer of bad broken wings
Flying in a sphere made for one
Throw my skin to all the hungry things
Sketch my picture as I come undone

I am the tear from a half-dead eye
Dripping onto the hearts of you all
Throwing my dreams up into the sky
Not attending to my evident fall

I am the black bride with bloody lips
In the calm of the night building fires
Weapons of destruction cling to my hips
Failing to reach my long-lost desires


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