Abruptly, the Wind Was Harsh Again

by xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex   Mar 12, 2009

I'm weird like that, loving to feel his heartbeat.


Stale wind -- the kind that is so cold it rips at your bones and pulls you under, leaving you gasping for breath -- crushed itself into my lungs. of course I coughed, knowing that I'd never taste this frigid air again.

It slightly saddened me, but I knew I'd get over it, with time. everything heals after time, they say, but this . . . I don't even think God could heal this.

The wind grasped my face with such a harshness I had to pull back; a touch once so gentle -- could it really turn so misleading? Of course, just like all lovers, everything's so misleading. But I hesitated pulling back, for it was the last time. The last time the wind would brush my face and I'd feel it's fingers.

And it makes me wonder: could I die from it? Most likely, but I'm not sure I'm worried about it. I mean, what's dying if the one existence you live for isn't even there anymore? The point is, I need you in my life and I'm as lost as Lucifer in H-ll. And I'd beg someone to save me, but like I said, God couldn't even touch this cracked soul.

Again, I notice the wind; it brushes past my face, once again gentle, and I marvel at how beautiful it really is this time. I'd miss it's quiet gestures, I would.

Abruptly, the wind was harsh again, not really wind anymore but a tornado shaking my soul. It interrupted my body and as I careened downward, and suddenly, I felt like I was flying. It was a curious emotion, testing the waters that science couldn't even break though.

I thought to myself: falling really does feel like flying.

and everything went dark.


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  • 9 years ago


    I don't think any words could really put truth to how amazing this piece is.. But, I absolutely loved this, from start to finish.

    "I thought to myself: falling really does feel like flying."