The Captian

by xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex   Oct 20, 2013

You're drifting again; the stars are no place for a lady.

and yet, the galaxy is so peaceful, with me drifting here. That's all I am, all I do - I drift. I am nothing of significance to anything, but I'm everything else.

We drift here - rather, I - in the galaxy; it's quiet, peaceful, cold, and dark. it's a mixture of paradoxes - of matter and anti-matter, space and blackholes, dust and planets, air and rock -where you feel closest to home.

I drift here to float, to not move in any one direction,

to be pushed by dust

and thrown into planets as the blackholes constantly pull at me, in their magnetic field.


even the stars are dim, because here

you don't see anything, you just feel.

you drift, in a mass of paradoxes and opposites,

where you belong, because although you have to be grounded,

you feel the most content here, never really having a direction.

and the sea man.

the captain that keeps you grounded, keeps solid foundation beneath your ever drifting feet. he pulls you down,

every time the moon pulls at you, begging you to come home.

but this is where you belong,

with the salty air crushing into your lungs, the wind

yelling at you, reminding you,

yes, you can touch him.

he's there, he's solid.. yes, you can touch him.

the captain, that is your gravity, is a solid moment in an ever drifting girl.

the hope of a home, the hope of being happy.

you shake your head.

you mustn't go on.

...the captain, the captain that pulls with his soul, and leaves with his heart. the captain that smirks and dances away from you.

the captain.

the captain that leaves you on the docks, tying a kite to your foot saying, "I'm here, i just can't take you aboard."

and suddenly i can feel

there's a storm coming in tonight.

i can feel it developing in my gut,

brewing in my heart.

pulling. pulling at me like a magnetic field, thousands of black holes forcing my body out to sea. but, the ship never came. the captain got lost in the sea, in a storm of his own.

the ship may not come, again.

as gravity let's go of you and drift,

back to the stars, where no lady belongs;

where there is silence and darkness and cold.

where there is nothing to see here, nothing to see here, nothing to touch, nothing to want.

i have to touch.

my heart has to have a captain, creating enough of a pull to ground a girl that's lost in the stars, where no lady belongs, to pull to ground a girl that needs to be grounded,

wants to be grounded - has to have a magnetic pull so strong, it creates a gravitational like pull against the magnetic black holes that suck her in -

she wants to be grounded.

the sea man bid farewell, with a kite on her leg,

and the salty air has nearly left my lungs, as i drift back to the stars.


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  • 6 years ago

    by crystaljean88

    To me this just wasn't too good. I didn't have any interest in it. The flow didn't go too well either