Feeling Me

by Extinct Angel   Mar 24, 2009

Why must every tear
be fraught with strife
why do those who love
just pass me by

so many times failed trying to live
but even more trying to die
i was told i had more to
live my whole life for

I still think about the blade
everyday i want to cry
i cant believe how addicting
all of the scars were

Why did i have to do it
I forget these days
but i know I want it
to happen again

but not everything is worth
the pain not even the tears
caused by other so why
lie to yourself

you know there is so much
more to live for
and you need to
live your own life

Damnation can only seek
you out if you do not
repent for all past sins
for I am the sinner

And I will decide your fate
If you have done what I have
Then you know it was not
Worth it in the end!


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