by Ironic Allure   Mar 29, 2009

You were so long gone that now i'm done and so i'll run and i'll run so fast that i won't be seen. I've got a future and it's bearing its teeth but that's okay, i'm not afraid to wait and see and try to believe that this is one more try and it's not time to lay down and break down. Well that's not me. I see your face buried down in the sand and i'm hearing the sounds of a dead beat man that i've come to know and come to ignore but i'll enjoy this like i told you so. You tried and you pulled and pushed this around and you left and you soared but you fell to the ground. See gravity's such a marvellous thing, like a rope on your neck until you cheat death and allow reality to fill you back up. And it's "Jesus Christ" all over again and i may pretend but i'm not prepared.

This isn't a pretty face to save but i remember my head lay down next to yours where you didn't hear so i didn't tell but i wished you knew. I couldn't help notice you're empty handed, well you were caught off guard but I always thought it wasn't that hard to lie to my face, you did it so well but i'm quite impressed that i couldn't tell. But i know you better than you'd care to admit, so i'll just sit tight and wait for this to explode to flourish or to simply die out. I'll bet there's ideas and words in your head that you've practised and rehearsed but your teeth grit instead and i'm not surprised so i'll just smile walk clean away.

You never settled or took too much but whatever i said was clearly enough. You take your mistakes and don't hesitate and all you say is it's just bad luck but i didn't see you looking when you thought i messed up. I feel the words rising but i swallow them whole because there aren't any answers quite sharp enough, so i give up. This is the credit you think you deserve; you're a decent man betrayed by the world and the evidence is overwhelming. Well i understand, though your excuses are dreadful, but your motive is clear, so i forgive you since that's all you wanted to hear.

brain fart.


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  • 9 years ago

    by SmileeItsBritt

    Hmmm its really interesting the way you broke it up into 3 paragraphs.. why did you do that? i like it! :)

  • 9 years ago

    by limp


  • 9 years ago

    by limp


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