The Taming of the Angel

by Ashes of a Black Rose aka Night Child   Apr 9, 2009

I met him once over the phone,
Now we're in this place, alone.
His eyes are gray, his lips are thin,
I can't believe I let him in.
His voice is low, a whispered hush,
I touched his face and felt a rush.
His jaws are ruthless, craving cries,
I saw a flash inside his eyes.
His hands are warm, his touch brings chills,
His fingertips suppress my will.
I do not tremble, do not shake,
We do not even hesitate.
He questions me, his motive fogged,
Every gesture made, I logged.
He has no pants, I have much less,
I do not know why we were undressed.
His eyes are prying, softly so,
I do not mind my body shows.
He makes me calm, he touched my skin,
I do not think it such a sin.
He mentions lust, my mind says leave,
My body begs me to deceive.
He leaves before I got to say,
Azazel, I wish you would stay...
The morning after meeting you,
I wonder what you meant to do.
My body's sore, my mind is weak,
I hardly whisper as I speak.
My thoughts are racing, world is still,
These memories just make me ill.
My hands are clammy, I'm soaked in sweat,
My heart is pounding in my chest.
My eyes are restless, body aches,
It doesn't hurt until she wakes.
My tongue is filling up my mouth,
The words I mean I cant pronounce.
My thighs are throbbing, badly bruised,
I'm wondering if I was used.
My lip is cut, you mentioned lust,
I let you touch me without trust.
My heart is lost, I'm so perplexed,
I don't know what you're up to next.
You said I liked you, are you right?
My mind keeps putting up a fight.
My stomach hurts, my shoulder's sore,
And yet you left me wanting more...


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