Nauseous eyeballs

by Iola   Apr 18, 2009

Ironic that the wind would blow harder
On the day you threw up in my lap
The sour taste you left inside my mouth
Has shown me more than one gap

Disgustingly chewing on a mud cake
That you splashed together over time
Drowning completely into a dark puddle
Pretend you are dead right and fine

No cat gets more landings than you
Yet I keep rubbing your spit into my lot
Rubber bullets from your gun hurt too
They leave marks that they should not

I hate how you turned me into dust
Used water to change me into a mess
From my seeds grew only litter and lust
It is your shallow grounds that I detest

Throw my number in your heart away
As one person less will make you feel light
I cannot chew on the reminders from today
Eyes that vomit are not a pretty sight


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