No oath

by Iola   Apr 18, 2009

It is clamping me around my throat
The oath that I fear more than often
I hear the loud moaning from my boat
It hardens and then our hearts soften

I am dizzy from the endless hope
Warm nights that is just filling me up
Choking more often on a tight rope
Love escapes from the cracks in my cup

The past is turning lighter than ever
Yet the dawn is setting on my future plans
Maybe being alone is just too clever
As you are freed from the bite of their fangs

This morning an angel rushed towards me
The love felt from her hug made me cry
Someone I loved told me that they love me
I went ahead and just passed on the lie

Tonight I will jump into a bed filled with silence
Lying next to someone I do not know
Pretending you love me will not kill the violence
You do not care and it is starting to show


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