You Can't Break Me Down

by Artemis Night   Jun 15, 2009

They laughed inside and called my name
So they could hear my voice
The words I spoke came out a joke
Was teased, though not by choice.

From 8 AM to 3 PM
Became my living hell.
I wasn't liked during grade school
And middle school as well.

I can't remember all their names
Along with faces too
It seemed to be they haunted me
Not know what to do.

When summer came before ninth grade
I made a single friend
My words not teased, instead they pleased
I did not think "The End"

And then school came, my thoughts with shame
That nothing would be right
The kids i met made high school set
No nightmare in the night

I now endure those bumpy roads
But none are like before
Because there's people by my side
To aid me when I'm soar.


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