Title me yourself, you wiz kid.

by donk2ymouth   Jul 3, 2009

Let me go, drop me down softly, gentle, be gentle: i'm worthless- it's worth this.

conveying 'artistic concepts' through words was never something i was 'gifted' with
like soft footsteps growing clumsy with age i've become edited and adulterated

Look at me; I'm professional.

heart to ink,
emotions to spell-check.
emotionless brandless generic material

roses are red, violets are blue
i do it for the praises, and so do you

and you know what? it's completely


so, mr. great poetry writer
when your words are your own again send me a memo.

so you, oh you! who's it gonna be?
i can't tell when you're looking over there

but you're speaking about me.


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