The Willow

by Twisted Heart   Aug 13, 2009

Withered bones stretch
as the sun hits my back
The blanket of snow
falls down to the ground
I shake all the dampness
from dews sweet attack
A rustle of brittleness
the only sound

Dawn breaks in the slumber
of winter's last days
Clouds shift over lilies
that sit on the hill
I see spring awaken
with sunshine it plays
As strength inside of me
renews me at will

The winds starts to bend me
each branch that's attached
But body stand strong
as the breeze circles me
Each onslaught of danger
is equally matched
By the will of the willow
that fights to be free


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  • 8 years ago

    by mandy

    Wow. Breath-taking!

    My favorite poems on here are the nature ones. I've read a lot of good writes... but this is so beautiful.

    The ending was amazing. 5/5!

    mandy :)