For Sarah Jones (She'll Never Know)

by Braeden Monks   Aug 23, 2009

-Hey You-

Hey you. pretty eyes.
don't let them cry
Hey you. sweet sighs
seemingly perfect lie

Hey you. dreaming again
call me in the end
Hey you. on my mind
what are you looking to find

Hey you. high hopes
Learnin to tie ropes
Hey you. In my dreams
I wonder what it means


A girl and A boy met today
In the perfect little way
a smile and a laugh
6,783,421,727 lives; you do the math
she waved as the bus rode by
He waved as the plane did fly

Sitting in a park watchin
Sitting on a bench watchin
Sitting by myself watchin
Always by myself watchin

Some dream of waking up
Some dream of good luck
he dreams of flying away
so he can feel out of place

Her name was freedom and he loved her so
but his annoying heart wouldn't let go
His name was hope and she loved him too
But time and fate were conspiring two

She left her mark-he faded away
tomorrow woke up and left today.
out on the street desire waited
if only luck would have made it

"I'm so happy for every chance i get
I'm so grateful that you and i met"
last words she ever said

-a look at 2 am-

On the other side of our city
there's a homeless hungry kity
looking for a bin to hide in
looking for a can of tin

And soon the animals are at it again
the twisting roads never end
the dancing fiend is on a strike
a prostute wont work tonight

But some how we're all here
on our streets the ones you fear
Long john finally rest
thinking of much much less

As the clock strikes two
and Lucy runs into you
she's not beggin for change
she's actually looking for change

When i'm alone i think of them
People i do not know
When i'm alone their a friend
a story i wanna know

I wanna know what joe thinks
and maybe even have some drinks
I wanna know where they gone
annd get what their on

-Jeff and jill-

He wakes up in empty room
that fills with smoke soon
He wakes with ripped jeans
he's too skinny. too mean
not happy with what he's got
or the lesson he's taught

She wakes up beside a tree
not the average room for a teen
She's got a black eye and blistered feet
not an addict but somewhere inbetween
She's off to work once again
off to serve our great rich men

Jeff and Jill took a pill
and washed it down with water
Jeff got Hiv and gave it to jill
I guess that makes it forever


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Ray Smallshaw

    Somewhere among this poem were the words Long john, it was certainly long and you will probably find not many will read this because of it. Yet I got sucked in again as at first I thought drivel yet I kept at it and it enraptured me because it seemed to go on and on its thread I lost after 0200 or something like that yet determined I carried on and found its end I was baffled as I had enjoyed it and it was like a breathe of fresh air full on the new yet not to taxing. I red it again and sailed through it like an old friend pulling me along I actually enjoyed it freshness and newness like life it went on and on and kept my interest truly remarkable I gave it a 5/5 there are errors with spelling
    and punctuation Prostitute springs to mind somewhere but it did not take away the feeling that I had read something special two poems now of yours I have enjoyed Excellent Ray S

  • 9 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    This poem held my attention and reads like a ballad ...very interesting