by Rozzy   Sep 1, 2009

Between one and two or a million
We leave our arms open to only a few
With no expectations of consequence
We give a little or all with value

But because of the values in what is given
Do our disappointments fill us in
Not because of naivety
But because of our need to feel compassion

We hold them closer and closer
Because in them do we trust
With the values we have given
Unaware and unafraid we could be left in their dust

And once it has settled around us
Do we see the wrong we have made
A shocking revelation
Of realizing the very first mistake

Yet still we stand in the same place
A few minutes or a while
Hiding away to build our strength
And stepping back up to take the next mile

No it will not be the last time
That someone has let you down in this way
But these are lessons to be learnt
Until someone else comes along and deserves to stay

They will give you all that they are
What you have been giving all along
And then the others who could not believe
Will wish they could do what they believed you did wrong


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