Perfection ; depression

by PoeticalHeartless   Sep 11, 2009

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so how about i see what our picture is worth the one of me and you smiling together never knowing what life is like not being together i could tell it was something very special and baby boy i didn't fall in love with you for nothing the reason depends to be when i try to see the future ; i see you and your beautiful eyes . .

Sometimes i sit on my step and think about the day we met but unlike you for me it ain't easy to forget like the time we sat down and watched the sunset . And i bet you don't remember yet how you used to tell me there's not another girl who could take my place . You said i was the only one who ever put a smile on your face . Let me tell you it hasn't been as easy as they said it would get there's some words that are just too powerful and yet dangerous dudes spit game to me and baby boy don't you ever think ; think that the expection is you . .


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