Save Me.

by AwingAshes   Sep 13, 2009

Save Me.

I can hear their silent screams
Pleading for rescue
Away from this dirty Earth,
Where they are begging to be saved.

No one can hear them
Because no one really knows,
What they have to face
On a day to day basis.

No one really knows
How bad society has changed.
Only those children,
Who are begging to be saved.

No one really knows
That the kids are in danger,
As they are left to be victims
Of the filthiness that is this world.

Everyone thinks their kids are naive
Swinging at the playground,
Playing with new friends
Little do they know,
The playground is not as it seems.

As the new friends they meet,
Introduce "cooler" things
In which they will forget themselves
All in wanting to fit in.

Where their minds will control them
Their hearts overruled,
Where their brains will lead them
In the game of wanting to be cool.

All is not as it seems
As you now think your naive child
Has become a monster;
A criminal.

A child no more, it seems to me you think,
As you wonder how their innocence was lost.
This young adolescent continues to sink
In self control and consciousness.

And you stand there and watch
This monster fall deeper into that hole
As you continue to think,
That they'll climb right out, without support.

This hole they're digging, that child of yours
Is merely a grave,
That I shall remind you
That you, yourself, helped create.

And you stood there,
Watching your child tranform
From the angelic kid at the playground
To the monster that you helped create and destroy.

And you stood there,
Hearing their silent screams
Pleading for rescue
Away from that agonizing hole,
Away from that unstoppable brain control.

Do you hear them?
Their terrifying shrieks.
Their helpless moans.
"Save me," they're yelling.


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Pink Butterfly

    I like the message of this poem... I hope everybody will awake the hero in their hearts to rescue such little poor angels. This piece is full of sympathy and love...God bless you!!!

    -Pink Butterfly-

  • 9 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This was a very insightful piece and near the end more haunting. I felt like in the beginning stanza's you lightly told of the earth's destruction, just to get it started. And then your words started getting heavier and more intense. I really was striked when you were writng about the children in the hole's, diggin their own grave, that others had helped them do. That was thought-provoking and prominent. Good for you though, you need this powerful piece to show the others that we need to unite and love, not throw our children out into this world without care and support. A power-filled message, great work!


  • 9 years ago

    by Em

    Really powerful piece. Good job. 5/5, Em x

  • 9 years ago

    by Hallucinostic

    Wrathful. This is one intense poems you got here. It's awesome.