To Mom & Dad

by MaSkEdSoUl   Sep 18, 2009

Hi Mom
Hi Dad,

I hope you receive this in time.
But if you find this tomorrow,
I'm afraid its too late.

I have to tell you something,
I hope it wont fright.
I've hated this life,
For quite some time.
This pain I suffer,
is like no other.

You've ABUSED my confidence,
SCARRED my heart,
NEGLECTED what used to be me,
& IGNORED my dreams.

Maybe you love me,
Maybe you do not,
& Maybe I'm over-reacting.

But I just cant take this no more,
I've given up,
I'm tired of everything.

I want to say sorry,
If I have ever hurt you.
I hope the others,
Will become what I was not.

Do not worry,
You will not miss me...
No one will.

Oh, one last thing
I Love You,
Despise all that I went through


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  • 9 years ago

    by divine divinity

    Rather tragic poem, very expressive of a pained and neglected heart. I thought the capitals in the 4th stanza really added impact, strengthened the words and showed just how much pain was in them.