It's Hard To Be A Gay

by Extinct Angel   Oct 14, 2009

Presence of mind and will of self
are the things i shelf

through out the day
i just wish i wasn't gay

people laugh at and jeer
they make fun of the Queer

they act gay to try and entice me
it seems no one understands me

my parents are ashamed
they act like i blasphemed

my dad yells and beats me
cant look at me in the eyes

my mom just sits and cries and prays
they're christian and hate all gays
but i am queer and here to stay

I am proud of what I am
they look at me like damn

who is the fag over there
who's blood does the gay share

And I hope that one day a collision of
love one another like the vision of

"I Have A Dream" by Dr. King
the injustice is no little thing

i just wish it wasn't hard
the hold mt only card

because really i am tired
of telling people to be inspired

when will it be that glorious day
for It's hard to be a gay

this poem was inspired by nightsan who asked me to try and write such a poem


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Joyous

    I support gay rights

  • 8 years ago

    by junet

    I like it because the writer did not hesitate to make a poem for such topic.. it's like opening ourselves to everything around us.., we may have different views and understanding about it but the important thing is that we respect them.,

    this is just a view on what gays feel when they don't get such respect., well done.

  • 8 years ago

    by Samuel Dimafelix

    WOW!! thank you for the poem..
    i really appriciate it..
    you had expressed my real life in this poem.
    and you make me wow... thank you. thank you.