by Extinct Angel   Nov 10, 2009

Broken mirrors
showing broken
images of what used
to be and my love
is shattered against
this wall of time
like all of this really
mattered to you anyway
your love cut me into
so many little pieces
that when my heart quit
pumping I bled no more
why did you lie to me
for all this time
and none of this this makes
sense to me and i feel
like i am left wandering
through the darkness
you left me to fall
into without a saving grace
I told myself you were there
to catch me when i fell
but in the end we all know
what really happened
you turned your back on me
and now i can see
clearly who I have become
why did you have to be so
jaded behind your mask
of false pretense
and EMT promises
all this hurt comes from what
I feel in my heart and the
words have flowed freely
from my core and i don't know
If this is a dream but if it is
I wish i could just wake up and
start over the day without
all the goddamn sorrow


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  • 8 years ago

    by Ash

    You are right! I truly love this poem but it has so much of pain written all over that it's hard not to shed a tear while reading it.
    I do really hope that there is no truth behind these words for if a love like that does exists it can only break a person.

    None the less getting back to your poem... It was a brilliant write as always. The emotions were well conveyed and it brought upon a sense of true pain that touched my heart. The images were vividly created and the poem flowed so well... It is a flawless masterpiece! 5/5 from me!