Revenge of the Fallen

by Stephanie Naylor   Nov 27, 2009

Like a fire burning
bright and melting my
heart of ice and sorrow.

Unforgiving to the fact
I'm only human and
like the rest.

But there you were time
and time again

leading me to what i thought
was true and reason.

Though in the end i have seen
the path of alienation and

You've deceived me yesterday
today, but never again.

I will have my revenge and
slay you the beast of which Ive

Raising my knife shining
brilliantly in the moon light

Plunging down and deep
into myself

Blood started to seep around where
the knife is protruding

There! I have avenged the one
of which i listened and have lost my
life and ultimately my mind.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    This well written dark poem really hit its mark