Mumma, im sorry.

by Baybeeh   Jan 4, 2010

Im sorry mumma for the horrible things I said to you,
I swear none of them were true.

I don't believe your useless,
Your the best and worse in me.
I see past your shield,
You're the strongest person that could be.

So much has changed,
In these 17 short years.
You are far from alone,
Cause I have the same fears.

I wish I were deaf,
So I couldn't hear your cries.
I wish I were deaf,
So I didn't hear the lies.

I should never have been around,
I should have been asleep.
But I lay awake in my bed,
And slowly start to weed.

You and Daddy,
never sang to me.
My bed time lullaby
Was your hurtful screams.

I had no bed time story,
I wrote myself my own.
About all the lies,
Inside this broken home.

Mumma, im not a baby,
I do understand.
You're like a plane in the sky,
I just want you to land.

Life at home,
Is like world war three.
Us kids are in the middle,
Why don't you adults see.

You are eachothers punching bags,
But no gloves are ever worn.
"I'll help mumma next time"
To myself I had always sworn.

I can't help you mumma,
But you are not on your own.
I'll be with you forever,
Like my dreams have shown.

You taugh me how to ride my bike,
But to never go too far.
Now im much, much older,
And you're teaching me to drive your car.

No matter what happens,
Now matter when or where.
Just know this mumma,
I'll always be there.


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