My Pain

by Dawn   May 31, 2010

Pain... its all I feel.
It burns me while I try to sleep,
Then tortures me throughout the night.
It's in every breath, every thought, and in all I do.

Pain.... is no where to be found
When I'm with you.
You hold me while I sleep,
Then never let go throughout the night.
You're my every breath, every thought and in all I do.

What did it feel like before?
Before I met you, before I liked you... before I loved you?
I use to be able to sleep the night without a care.
Now that's impossible if you're not there.

My bed is cold and uncaring.
My pillow could never match the comfort of your chest.
And my blanket might as well be a thin sheet compared to the warmth I feel wrapped up in you.

Yet it must end.
The one and only thing I have ever wanted from you is unavailable to me.
We lead two different lives.
You, amazing you, who can't bear the thought of distance separating us.
And me, living in two places at once, with you half the time, and gone the other half.

The one thing... Love.
I feel it.... but you can't.
So at night I'm left alone.
With my bed, my pillow, my blanket... and my pain.


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