Who is this girl?

by Molly Elizabeth   Jul 13, 2010

Who am I now?
Feels like it was just weeks ago,
I walked those high school halls.
But I can't remember a thing
and that was years ago.

And it seems like just yesterday we were happy, as could be.
Now I look at you,
and your looking at me
i'm standing here wondering if you really see me.

It wasn't long ago, you loved me like no other could.
But it was so long ago
and I never thought you would
be that person, the person to make me feel this way.

So out of control, there is just no control.
No way to say this, but I am feeling so small.
And I look at myself,
and I look at this world.
And I wonder where is the time,
and who is this girl?

It really seems so close,
so close that I could touch it.
But the time flew by, and it hurts to try and remember it.
Remember a time, when life really was easy
when you really did love me,
the girl that I used to be.

The girl that I used to be,
now feels so small
and she can hardly remember,
what makes the pain worth it all.
In an end that seems to get more and more bitter.
From a past that fades,
further and further away.

What happened to those days?
I used to recall
they have faded away.
I can't remember at all...
I search for the memories
which are nearly gone.
I search to remember,
where I let it go so wrong.

One day it was perfect,
but who am I to say?
I can barely remember
feeling that way.
So who am I now?
A girl who's bitter, and scorned,
I know it wasn't long ago,
and you loved me like no other.
But honestly, that was so long ago.


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