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Molly Elizabeth.
**30 years old now. Time flies.
Last time I updated this I was 22, how crazy is that?
Crazier still is I was 16 when I started this page. **

I love to write,
working on a few children's books.

I also love to paint, dance, go hiking,
and lots more. The best days are the
ones just spent with my beautiful daughter =] I wouldn't change those days for anything!


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  • Age : 22
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  • Country : USA, Ohio
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  • *~*I waS fAlLInG thEn I fELl!...
    nOt iN LOvE wiTh yOu...
    WiTH sOmEoNE elSE!! *~*

    14 years ago
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  • Don't laugh
    if you know you want to cry.
    Don't talk to me,
    If you feel you'd rather die.
    Don't look at me,
    If you plan to look away.
    Don't come here at all...
    If you know that you won't stay.

    15 years ago
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  • Why do you leave,
    when I ask you to stay?
    Why give you my heart...
    you'll just give it away.
    Why do I talk to you?
    You don't hear my voice...
    Why do I love you?
    Well, I really have no choice!

    15 years ago
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