Midnight Dreams

by Corpseful   Aug 18, 2010

Midnight dreams
Turn into 3am screams
Night terrors
Caused by life's errors
Dreams of falling
Missing people calling
Wanting to reach them but stalling
Figures lurk behind
Appearances only exist in my mind
Unaware of their intent
Joy is a pain their trying to prevent
Harsh words become constant
Vicious voices get closer
Knife out the holster
Snuck up on
Now I'm gone
Gravesites turned into gardens
My body becomes weak as my heart hardens

Not long after my grave goes untended
Not sure if I ever lived others watch as I've pretended
The day I faded from everyone was thoughts was my saddest
I was missed
Until it was inconvenient
Misleading deviant
When I was gone their facial expressions were quizzical
As I was left alone and miserable
Hopeless I fell to shreds
Overdosed on my meds
I laid their heartless
A hefty harvest
Everyone stripped something from my carcass
First come first serve
Think of the nerve
No one wanted me when I was alive
But now that I've died
I was free to take and worth being tried

Days go by as I decompose
My blood no longer flows
Still forced to live with life's woes
Even after my passing
For some reason my pain is everlasting
An empty shell
I welcome hell
I've been give a chance to be whimsical and mysterious
My words are unpredictable and fearless
I watch as my soul unravels like strand from a sweater
I return it to god and asked for something better


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by No1ButMe

    I loved reading this. It was very different, wasn't expecting the ending. The rhyming was a little off, but it seemed to flow good. I liked how you broke it up into seperate parts, that helped a lot. Keep up the great work.


  • 7 years ago

    by Soft Parade

    That was great, I really enjoyed it. Saw alot of my own frustration coming through as I read on. Thanks.

  • 7 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    Very intense and well penned

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