Turning back Time / Today

by Spirit   Aug 31, 2010

Several times today, I've thought of you,
and hope slipped through my pain
embrace myself in memories
before I pushed them out the way.

A week ago today, I found myself
slowly rising out of despair
the insane world around me
oblivious to that strength.

A month ago today, it all happened
that's the day everything changed.
The words were not important,
but that letter hurt more than I can say.

A year ago today, I still had you
wrapped in my arms each night.
Lighting a fire inside of me
'til you were called off oversea.

Two years ago today, I was happy
I laughed and I slept soundly.
Back then my life became perfect,
on the day that I met you.

-for a contest


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  • 8 years ago

    by Dying Beautifully

    Great Work Spirit. Not easy to do poems with sensible time lines, and you did an awesome job.