Death Leaves us Homesick

by Spirit   Aug 30, 2010

With one two minute phone call-

reality comes crashing in
opening continuous flood gates until
futuristic fantasies start floating by
dragging a current of dilemma behind.

Problems, once gargantuan
show the churlish insignificance
of piety annoyances.
Only time keeps us in check.

Happiness once held in a smile
now informs idiotic ideals to pass
bursting that bubble of a barrier
and destroying childish tendencies.

No one is invincible
or everlasting
and time, can run out.

The phone rings

on an afternoon too perfect to hold disaster
a stern, but much too calm,
voice speaks devastation.
You fall,

down toward the depths of disappear.
Thoughts nor sleep come easily,
but tears soak your pillows
and arms reach for unanswered comforts.

Filled with utter emptiness until
your very soul leaks out of your eyes.
Desperation turn to longing,
and reality comes crashing back in.

-for a contest


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