I Cant Believe Your Gone

by Sam Dent   Sep 24, 2010

God now carries you with him,
since you passed through heavens gate.
And the place that you now call your home,
has no sin, nor is there hate.

We'll never forget the love you shared,
or when you cherished the little things.
We know you'll be right by our sides,
as our guardian angel with wings.

With everyday that passes,
you'll always cross our minds.
And now your in a better place,
where we'll see you again sometime.

Never forget we love you,
for you're always in our hearts.
And whenever we'll feel your presence,
we'll know you're never far.

By, Jay Jay.
For my grandma Dot. We miss you. You had a long and happy life. and had one of the rarest pure souls out there. we were lucky to spend and make memories with and we'll always cherish the time we had with you. Now god has you and is takin care of you.. i know your watchin over everyone.. i love you grandma. R.I.P. Dorothy Arnett September 23, 2010.


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