Who are you?

by Not Bulletproof   Dec 29, 2010

So who are you,
in this dark recess of my mind?
This corner of pain,
of angst,
and loneliness?
Who am I
in all this anger?
I feel sorrowful.
I feel lost.
Maybe a little confused.
Not quite who I was before,
not quite what I strived for.
There is this ache;
it grows and grows
in this pocket of darkness,
inside my mind.
A person who claws,
who burrows and lives,
in this space of my head.
Reminding me of the past,
and reminding me
of who I am not anymore;
of who I will not be.
You creep into my dreams
reaping death and evil,
turning my world around;
leaving it in ashes
and not what it was.
So who are you?
Where are you from?
And when will you leave?
Because I am not who I was,
and I will not be who I thought
until you leave;
until you exit my mind;
until the sorrow is destroyed,
the pain is gone,
and what was lost is found.
So leave me be,
and restore what was once
a beautiful girl,
with a beautiful heart,
and mind.
Restore me as I was.
Who are you and will you leave?
Depression you are unkind to me.

Sarah Gammon ©

Thanks for reading.


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  • 7 years ago

    by DreamingOutLoud

    I really like this poem, explains the similar thoughts I had and it is expressed very well.