Who Am I?

by Sam Dent   Jan 29, 2011

I stand in front of the mirror,
Seeing this reflection of myself.
But is this who I really am,
Cause lately it's hard to tell.

My eyes don't look the same anymore.
My smile has faded away.
& the things that used to be so beautiful,
are now just dark and gray.

My strength just seems to weaken.
The motivation I had once is gone.
& things that used to feel so right.
Now feel just totally wrong.

I dont know what to do anymore
& im not sure ill ever know.
All i've ever been through is hell,
& all i've ever felt is alone.

All my pain has overwhelmed me,
My confidence is out the door.
Does anyone recognize my reflection.
Cause Im not quite sure who I am anymore.

By Jay Jay


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