Who Am I?

by Sam Dent   Jan 29, 2011

I stand in front of the mirror,
Seeing this reflection of myself.
But is this who I really am,
Cause lately it's hard to tell.

My eyes don't look the same anymore.
My smile has faded away.
& the things that used to be so beautiful,
are now just dark and gray.

My strength just seems to weaken.
The motivation I had once is gone.
& things that used to feel so right.
Now feel just totally wrong.

I dont know what to do anymore
& im not sure ill ever know.
All i've ever been through is hell,
& all i've ever felt is alone.

All my pain has overwhelmed me,
My confidence is out the door.
Does anyone recognize my reflection.
Cause Im not quite sure who I am anymore.

By Jay Jay


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  • 10 months ago

    by Nancy Rumsey

    absolutely beautiful! You expressed your feelings very well my friend. and yes i do feel your emptiness, so many tragedies and so little understanding. Not everyone understands if you have felt pain, pleasure loneliness, joy happiness, sadness etc. thats the beginning of understanding what one is going through. and you expressed your feelings very simple and to the point. but in art form so that it well capture the attention of others to stop and reflect on what is being said and what is going on with you. if you need a friend please feel free to contact me. i write poetry as well. you can find mine at poetry.com in the archives . possably under nancy bell or nancy rumsey its been awhile ......stay strong friend and remember God only gives us what we can handle . and THIS TO SHALL PASS