Rebirth of Darkness

by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop   Feb 2, 2011

When we first met,
I placed you so high,
On a pedestal as an idol,
Seduced by your eyes,

I made you into an image,
Perfectly blameless and clear,
But as the truth was revealed,
I shed bloody tears,

We were perfectly suited,
Except for one little flaw,
We were addicted to a drug,
That is against all our laws,

Now I could see past this flaw,
If it was the true fiend,
But it costs so damn much,
I end up owing bills and leins,

I can't live this way,
Always broke and confused,
But I love you so much,
I just can't refuse,

When you ask me for more,
I am stuck in this place,
Between wanting to live life,
And seeing your face.

Will I watch all my dreams,
And hopes get sucked dry?
Or do I love you that much,
To say NO and explain why.

Your happiness vs mine,
That is the fight here.
But you always win these debates,
I'll just shed a tear.

As I make you happy,
And watch my dreams flee,
For the woman I love,
That caused the death of me.


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  • 7 years ago

    by Cinnamonspice

    This was beyond sad, it was almost painful to read. You give your all to someone that doesn't appreciate anything you do. I think we can all relate. But your wording was spot on and beautiful.
    I had forgotten what a good poet you were. After all you were gone forever lol welcome back :-)