I tried to Title this

by Braeden Monks   Feb 17, 2011

I tried to write something postive
about the place i come from
but it turned into something real
something about people and how i feel

I tried to write something great
about the people in my life
But the words wouldn't come out
and i couldn't decide what to write about.

I tried to think about how i feel.
and put it to words on paper
but i felt so confused
like my own emotions refused

I tried to capture the moment in time
where we all were so close
But i realized fiction is hard
and we were all so far

I tried to remember the best time of my life
when i felt the best
But i couldn't decide between funnerals
or a ruined christmas

So i thought i'd tell you the truth
maybe let you know how i stand
but i kinda figured you wouldn't give a Sh*t


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