The Art of Sadness

by Beautiful Chaos   Feb 23, 2011

Each tear plucked from the eye,
So full of self loathing,
How could something so ugly,
Be so hauntingly beautiful?

Stroking loneliness,
Caressing her like a lost lover,
Memorizing her curves,
As though you forgot them.

It was always there in your head,
Every fear casting you deeper,
Doubt, pushing life further away,
Until you knew nothing else.

Sadness for what was,
Guilt for what will never be,
All of it sinking to the bone,
Heart, bleeding out your eyes.

Any hope your spirit could muster,
Turned against yourself,
Used to hold you back,
As if optimism were some form of treason.


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  • 7 years ago

    by The Queen

    I dunno for some reason, I love this piece better than "death's embrace". I feel the higher level of emotional intensity from this piece. Your words are so painfully beautiful :( I dunno whether to smile or frown, such a heavy piece!

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