by Inside the Liar   Mar 29, 2011

When you know it doesn't matter,
But you do it anyway.
When you hurt so bad and the only sign
Are teardrops on your page.
When the world around you closes in
And all you want is to run away,
Just pick up your pen and write.

When the one you love loves someone else
And you feel your heart is breaking.
When disaster strikes, you're unprepared,
And you feel your world is quaking.
When you give and give, then give some more,
Until you're drained from all the taking,
Just pick up your pen and write.

When things don't seem to go your way
And all you want to do is pout.
When you get so lost down unfamiliar paths
That you can't find a way out.
When something you believe in is proven wrong,
And your faith is faced with doubt,
Just pick up your pen and write.

When you lock up every piece of your heart
And then can't find the key.
When you look in the mirror and suddenly realize
You don't like what you see.
When you start to think persistent memories
Will never set you free,
Just pick up your pen and write.

When you try so [damn] hard to win
That you forget the point of the game,
When something so life-altering happens
That nothing can ever be the same.
When your life is so torn apart and going wrong
And you can't find anyone but yourself to blame,
Just pick up your pen and write.

It doesn't matter what tomorrow will bring
And it doesn't matter what others might think
It doesn't matter if tears fall down your face
Or if all you can think of is leaving this place
It doesn't matter if you get pushed down
And it doesn't matter if luck doesn't seem to be around
All that matters is that when you lose sight,
Just pick up your pen and write

Copyright March 2011, S. Sieglaff


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  • 6 years ago

    by Hannah Lizette

    So true, no matter what kind kind of troubles i am having, if i write it down, i feel like a whole load of bricks has been lifted off my chest once i'm finished. great poem 5/5

  • 6 years ago

    by DeviousCharmer

    Good :)