Moving Forward

by Beautiful Chaos   Mar 30, 2011

Touch me, like you've never known me,
As though you never loved or lost me,
Like the fire that burns, is newborn lust,
And not just flames of charring bitterness.

Intoxicate me, drown me in your charms,
The sheepish grin and coy eyes,
Desire delivered on innocent words,
Instead of these fork tongued creatures we've become.

Seduce me, two minds melting into one,
Two bodies finding comfort,
The chains of the past forgotten,
Cast away with the hurts of yesterday.

Remember me, like the day we found love,
Before we became cynical,
When we were nothing more than us,
Two souls living as one.


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  • 7 years ago

    by Nevi

    The opinions of one kid may not mean much to you, but I really loved this. It was beautiful, I really felt as if the words were sinking into my hold skin, and I could feel the emotion written here...Well done! :)


  • 7 years ago

    by Acoustic Odyssey

    I felt the longing and sadness held in your words deeply. It reminds me of when I lost my first love, to someone else. I love the metaphors you used to portray this vision of pain. It's crazy how moving forward can hurt more than going back sometimes.
    Brilliant work!

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