Only for y o u from m e

by A lonely soul   May 28, 2011

So if y o u don't already know
this one is only for y o u from m e
Now that my heart knows what my soul always knew
that we do have something unique to share
perhaps a gift from the one who watches everyone

Truth is
Y o u are in my thoughts night and day
just as I suspect I am in yours, my Sonia
yet y o u have not found the courage or the will
to say something as simple as a 4 letter word
that your eyes already professed to my soul
and said, you fool I already stole your heart

If there was'nt real power in those sorceress eyes
shades of gold and green that wield a passionate fire
a spell that has my soul mesmerized and heart enslaved
a magic far greater than casted by Merlin the sorcerer
tell me, my Sonia
How can a mere mortal even free himself from this trance

A smile so deadly that it makes a quietly beating heart
run amok like a thoroughbred on a racetrack
wondering where that surge of adrenaline
long gone with love drowned suddenly came from
perhaps from a divine source that gave rebirth to a dead soul
an angel's smile who bequeath love to a soul lost all hope

Do y o u ever wonder why someone
who sings these verses
m e to y o u or y o u to m e
can still find strength to breathe fire in icy hearts
yes, 'cause there is still an unfinished story to tell
to one he truly loves, waiting in patience
not for an ending but for a new beginning


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by BlueJay

    This is an excellent piece. You penned emotion, description and even some examples of imagery. I think you did a fabulous job. 5/5

  • 7 years ago

    by simply southern

    I loved every part of this.. no lie. please keep it up. :)