The Slaughter of His Daughter

by Owner of an Untamed Heart   Aug 3, 2011

*Not based on true story

It was actually a beautiful day
When little Bonnie was playing outside
Bonnie had a hearing aid
And she was also blind

She was swinging on her swing
Paying no attention to anyone
Until she felt a shadow stand beside her
And smelled her next door neighbor's son

Before she could respond to his appearance
The teen grabbed her from her behind
Trapping poor Bonnie in his tight clutches
Bonnie tried to make her voice chime

He dragged her into his house
While his parents weren't around
Bonnie had finally calmed a little
When she didn't make a sound

The teen told her to relax
And that it was going to hurt for a while
Little Bonnie didn't understand the attack
So she just sat there and smiled

Fifteen year old Johnny
Ripped Bonnie's clothes off quickly
He had to hurry before his mommy
Came home and saw what he was doing

Then Bonnie felt alarmed
And started swinging with all her might
But here ol' Johnny couldn't stop her arms
And lunged poor Bonnie with a knife

Bonnie was only nine years old
When her father cried about the slaughter of his daughter
He thought for sure she would be safe
With the boxing moves he taught her

That beautiful day became stormy
And it was a hurricane that night
The father swore he saw his little Bonnie
Shining with the moonlight


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  • 5 years ago

    by WintersAngel

    Wow I feel as though I'm reading a story. A difficult feat to accomplish when writing poetry. Great write!!

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